The Open Space committee works with the allocated budget to enhance the common area landscaping of the community.

Some examples of duties are:

  • make recommendations to the Board about when and where to plant more trees and plants within the community, mulching, seeding, etc.
  • review the landscaping contract
  • communicate with the landscaping company regarding issues

Members: Jeff Akers, Mark Long


6/30/17 – The Board voted previously to install speed bumps in the town-home section to try and curtail ongoing issues with speeding in the community. We are now at a point to make a final decision on placement of the speed bumps, and look to do so at the July 20, 2017 HOA meeting at 7PM at the clubhouse. Below are pictures showing proposed placement of the speed bumps.  Please feel free to provide feedback via email to Keith Stains at or at the meeting in person.

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