This committee’s objective is to become involved with finding ways to make the community a safer place and educate residents about removing opportunities for people to commit crimes.

Members: Carol Joseph, Chris Davis

Non-emergency activities in the community should be reported to the Sheriff’s Department using the following numbers:


Sign up for Emergency Alerts (Alert Loudoun 2.0), Traffic, Weather, County News via text/email.

Community Liaison
is Deputy Robert R. Thomasson #2451
Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office
Ashburn Community Resource Officer

You may contact him for general questions or information. For suspicious activity or emergencies, please use the non-emergency numbers shown above or call 911 for emergencies.

Loudoun County Sheriff – Crime Reports

Neighborhood Watch Newsletters

July 2015 Neighborhood Watch Newsletter

Free Crime Prevention Security Survey – a visual and physical inspection conducted by a deputy sheriff to evaluate your property from a crime prevention and security viewpoint.

Solicitors: All for profit solicitors must register with the Sheriff’s Office. During this registration a criminal history check is performed and if the solicitor meets the requirements they are issued a solicitor permit.
Some solicitors do not need permits, such as those selling meats or vegetables.

Solicitors  are  also  given  a  copy  of  the solicitor  regulations  which  includes  the hours  they  can  solicit  and  a  code  of conduct. This regulation can be found in Chapter 828 of the County Code:

If  you  encounter  a  solicitor  and  you  do not believe they have registered or their behavior is aggressive, rude, or threatening, you should call the Sheriff’s Office immediately at 703-777-1021.
Deputies   will   respond   to   check   their status   and   to   ensure   that   they   are conducting business lawfully.